Best Practices

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Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST) Recommended Practices

    • DTE001:  Role of the Engineering Specialist
    • DTE009:  Vibration Shaker System Selection
    • DTE011:  Mechanical Shock and Vibration Transducer Selection
    • DTE012:  Handbook for Dynamic Data Acquisition and Analysis
    • DTE019:  Vibration Controller Selection
    • DTE022:  Multi-Shaker Test and Control
    • DTE026:  Using MIL-STD-810(F), 519 Gunfire
    • DTE032:  Pyrotechnic Testing Shock
    • DTE033:  Shock and Vibration Testing
    • DTE040:  Subgroup 1: High-Intensity Acoustics Testing; Subgroup 2: Direct Field Acoustics Testing
    • DTE041:  Climatics Fundamentals
    • DTE042:  Vibration/Shock Data Storage
    • DTE043:  MIL-STD-810G: Test Method Standard for Environmental Engineering  Considerations and Laboratory Tests
    • DTE044:  Time Waveform Replication
    • DTE045:  Long Term Dormant Storage (LTDS)
    • DTE046:  Terms Commonly Used in the Digital Analysis of Dynamic Data
    • DTE047:  Design and Use of Shock and Vibration Test Fixtures