Can a Technical Career be Rewarding?


By IEST President-Elect Nick Clinkinbeard

f55b2ceb-2e6c-4856-a458-38dd12c34e0bIn a few weeks, I will celebrate my 19th anniversary as a Collins Aerospace (formerly Rockwell Collins) engineer. But the key milestone in my career came 13 years ago when I landed in my current position as “vibration guru.”

After having previously lost out on this position to a better-qualified individual, that engineer later reached out to let me know he was leaving, and that the team was interested in discussing the job again with me. When I last interviewed for the position (and lost) I was gung-ho on accepting an offer, but alas, it was not time. I should have been elated at a second chance, but I had started down another path: I was now a lead design engineer leaning toward a career in project engineering that I hoped would eventually steer me into management. In short, I planned to respectfully decline…

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